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The group provides fellowship for dating, engaged and married couples, and supports them on their family planning journey as they learn to apply the fertility awareness method to avoid or achieve pregnancy.

Find resources related to fertility awareness, natural family planning, pregnancy, parenting and marriage.

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Our online course is dedicated to educating couples about fertility awareness, whether they wish to avoid or achieve pregnancy. It offers a basic foundation for understanding Fertility Awareness, and covers topics like coming off the Pill, charting while breastfeeding, and other rules for special circumstances.

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CFPN has been my safe place to land. A friend shared the link with me shortly after having my first miscarriage and I've never left. I appreciate every piece of information, advice, prayer and laughter I have received this past year.

- Texas

I found the CFPN when I was looking for information on going off the pill and using FAM to avoid pregnancy. CFPN has been a place of information, rich friendships, sound guidance and a place to call home on the web.

- Australia

All the ladies here were incredibly encouraging, thoughtful, and helped me out considerably! Using FAM has greatly improved my marriage and the support I have found here is invaluable.

- Colorado